AT&T Customer Service

AT&T Customer Service

I wanted to get TV service from AT&T as I already have Internet service from them. The product is called U-verse and customers can get a bundle of Internet, TV and home phone services. On the TV front, there are a number of different plans.

I subscribed to the Internet service back in July and have not had TV since then so I thought the time had come to get TV.

I chatted with an agent, who was very knowledgable and courteous and he helped me choose a package that would allow me to watch sports and news.

So far, great!

However, in the end the deal did not go through and I didn’t, rather couldn’t, get the services I wanted. Why? See below a portion of the chat transcript:

  • AT&T : The good thing for adding U-verse TV with me is there is no commitment included.
  • AT&T : By the way, as I checked your credit status, there’s possible that we need to enroll you to auto payment to proceed the order, Tameez.
  • Me : no autopay…I like to make payments individually as I check the bills
  • AT&T : I understand. Let me check that one if we can proceed without enrolling you to autopay
  • AT&T : I see here, to proceed the order, we really need to enroll you to our autopay, Tameez.
  • Me : Well, I don’t see why I have to do this. Looks like the deal is off.
  • AT&T : I do understand you, Tameez. However, enrolling to our autopay will helps make your credit in a good standing and besides once your status is good, you can remove the autopay.
  • Me : I am already in good standing.
  • Me : I haven’t missed a payment
  • AT&T : I see. Maybe your status has not yet updated. I wish I can proceed the order for you so you will get those offer I quoted. However, we need to enroll you to autopay. In that case, I will just cancel the order, Tameez.
  • AT&T : Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
  • Me : OK. fine. thanks for your help. I can’t believe a customer is being forced to do something that he shouldn’t have to do to get service.
  • Me : I guess Roku is always a good option
  • AT&T : You’re welcome. It’s been my pleasure assisting you today.
  • AT&T : Thank you for choosing AT&T. We appreciate your business. Please click the “X” button on the top right of this chat box to end our chat.
  • Me : OK. Bye.

So I didn’t get the TV package. I guess I can survive this.

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