Prefer Odd Numbers, or Even?

Have you ever reflected on whether you like odd numbers or even ones? In this modern time, we find them all around us. The…

A Funeral: A Chance for Reflection

Last week I attended a funeral of the father of a friend of mine here in Abu Dhabi. When I got the news of his death on WhatsApp…
Wind blowing sand on the road - calamity

April 12 - the day I escaped calamity

I don't think I can ever forget April 12. it was back in 2011 on this day when I came close to a serious calamity. I was…

Passing on Family Jewels

Recently my youngest child asked me whether there was a tradition in our family where something was passed down from ancestors…

World of Conveniences, or Not

Two days ago I successfully registered my car with the Abu Dhabi traffic department. What's the big deal, you ask? Right,…

How do you respond to change?

My first post is about change as this seems to be the case all around us. Whether we look closely, we are seeing change and…