Passing on Family Jewels

Recently my youngest child asked me whether there was a tradition in our family where something was passed down from ancestors and whether I had such a thing. This was a routine conversation and she usually throws these curve balls at us from time to time.

I thought for a moment, knowing that I clearly didn’t have any such object passed down to me, and thought to deflect the question with an answer that I thought might satisfy her curiosity.

“Well, yes, we do have this tradition,” I said confidently. “We pass on our knowledge and skills.”

Quite evidently not convinced by the answer, she said she meant something as an object. “Is there something that has been handed down?”

I had to make a hasty retreat and had to come up with another explanation, which was closer to reality even if it wasn’t entirely true. I explained that our grandparents had lived the most difficult lives and they didn’t really keep valuables as we have now. It was not something they thought about.

I think she understood it. She is one of those kids who surprises us all the time with her questions and insight and her own desire to do something different, even to start something new. So, she has decided to do something about it. She is going to come up with a project where we are going to participate and make sure we are able to pass down something valuable to our kids.

What I did not share with her was that it is something I have thought about and I would pass on a few valuables and lessons to my next generation.

Do you have such traditions in your family?

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